What is Logical Deductions

     Logical Deductions is a sequence of theories formulated by me during the last 8 years. As soon as I read a report about the expansion of Universe which affirmed that this expansion was accelerated I disagreed with it. At that moment I started to scrawl how it would be the dynamic between two galaxies and the light between them thereupon Big Bang.

     Since then, I have been very interested in this subject and then I began to learn about cosmology through researches that I used to do on the internet. Through my physics and mathematic knowledge which I acquired in a civil engineering course and in many logical studies I drafted my first Dynamic of Universe pattern, which works in a simple way due to I eliminated all incomprehensible aspects.

     In this pattern I imagined how the performance of light is but I did not follow the concepts prestablished by Science. If I were graduated in physics I would understand the light as physicists does and I would not try to change it and consequently Logical Deductions would not exist.

     When I explained my Universe pattern to physicists they did not agree with it because in Einsteins physics the velocity of light is not influenced by the velocity of its sources as it was proposed in my pattern.

     I developed spreadsheets in the logical universe that simulated the dynamic of galaxies and the light between them which results conferred with data of the astromers. The results of these spreadsheets made me believe even more in my pattern. Thus, I read the restrict theory for the first time even though I knew it must have some mistakes because if it was right I would be wrong.

     During the last 100 years it was the most tested theory due to the absurd of its propositions. Many experiences erroneously confirmed the veracity of this theory although only its mathematic had been tested.

     Thus, I could conclude that the Einsteins mathematic is right and the mistakes are found in the interpretation of results. A soon as I found the mistake in Einsteins relativity my Universe pattern became possible. Thus, I was obliged to review all those experiences to be able to reinterpret their results.

     In the last 8 years I spent my whole time trying to improve my universe pattern and my theory of performance of light. When I imagined that gravity could work in a way analogous to the light it helped me to explain many phenomenon that science has never explained before.

     I discovered that universe, light and gravity work as they were magic. My work consisted in find out these magic performances based on the simple mathematic because this work did not demand any specific knowledge of mathematician.

     The nature also works in a simple way. Thus, you will also be able to understand all theories of Logical Deductions.

     I am updating this site because I have already improved all my theories so that, they can be easily understood.

     Look at the most important subjects and the changes that I propose in physics:

In physics.

     The main change was in postulate which says that The physics laws are the same to all observers on all referential. It does not exist an outstanding referential .

     I have changed it to :

     The physics laws are the same to observers on all referential, but they must be apply according to the truth of each observer. The referential in the absolute space, where Big Bang happened, is outstanding because if an observer is in it he is really standing still and he does not have his truth distorted by velocity.

The observer      The referential
  As long as the actual physics is well founded in an observer on the earth, my physics is based on an observer in the absolute space which is the only one able to know about the influences of sources velocities over photons (light) and energetrons (gravity). This change is very important for our understanding about the performance of physics.


 An observer on earth sees all the light sources emit photons with a constant velocity c. However, he does not know the influence that the velocity of the expansion of earths universe exerts on photons that were emitted from sources which are located on earth. Only an observer in the absolute space, who knows this velocity of expansion, will be able to know its influences over these photons.

In the light:

The velocity of photons is influenced by the velocity of their sources.
Daniel Effect:
   The velocity of light Works in a different way for:
 - an observer on the source.
 - an observer on the receiver of light.
 - an observer in the absolute space.
Cristina Effect:  
   It is the propriety of light that permits that it can be transmitted instantaneously even though we know that it is transmitted in the velocity of light c.
Paula Effect:
   The photons travel in a straight line, however when it exists a relative motion between the source and the receiver the photons that connect them and also belong to different light rays create a curve light ray.
The light duality:  
   The photon is composed of two identical particles that I denominated as colores because they are responsible for colors. These particles orbit around their gravity center with velocity v. When this velocity is combined with the velocity c of emission of photon it leads to the cores travel a wavy trajectories which give to the light the characteristic of wave and it also explains the light duality.
The Aberration Effect:
   The photons that arrive at us from a light source show us where this source is located on its arrival and not the direction where they came from. For example, when we see a galaxy through a telescope, the light indicates its direction on that time and not the origin direction of photons.

In the Universe:

 The Logical Deductions theories are very recent and they still in an improvement phase. Trough studies about gravitational field In January, 2007 I have already concluded that it would possible that the expansion velocity of the Universe of our galaxy is c. It would be much coincidence if in our galaxy, which is in the middle of billions of galaxies, would have a so expressive velocity. Since then, I could conclude that we are in face of Creators magic which makes to all galaxies have the same expansion velocity that is c. It is like the magic that makes us to see a galaxy on the exact place that it is on that moment as if light could work in a instantaneous way. .

 It does not change the basic subjects of my theories of performance of Universe. The only change is related to Big Bang that instead of being a fix point it begins to occupy different positions according to the observers truth in different galaxies. Otherwise, it is already explained by the Mariana Effect of light whereon the velocity traveled by photons and the distance between source and receiver is always c on any referential, independent of the velocity V of expansion in Universe of this referential.

Spreadsheet of the visible Universe and Spreadsheet of the real Universe:
   These spreadsheets demonstrate the veracity of the Logical Universe pattern when their results confer with the results of astromers. In addition, it is the first real mathematic evidence that confirm the existence of Big Bang, the influence that the sources exert on the light velocity and also the performance of the deep radiation.

 Deep radiation:

 It is the photons, which were emitted by atoms in the era that all Universe was composed of atoms, that nowadays arrive at us coming from galaxies located in the limit of Universe, which give us an impression that Big Bang happened in the whole perimeter of Universe. Thus, When we observe the galaxies of the perimeter of Universe that deviate from us with velocities very similar to lights we are really observing them in a very distant era when they were just composed of atoms. Only one observer in the absolute space can understand how the deep radiations were originated in a same place next to Big Bang.

Why the orbit of the planets are ellipses of fotonoide
   As soon as I observed the figure of the real trajectory of a photon between the sun and a planet I could conclude many things. One of them is that the velocity of expansion of galaxies in the Universe exerts influence on the orbits of planets around the stars. Thus, we can explain that these orbits are ellipse of fotonoide. The reader will understand what this ellipse means and also its performance.
The Bruna axle
   A new scientific propose has credibility as soon as its prevision are confirmed.

 The Bruna axle is the axle of expansion of our galaxy, the milky-way (earth). I could confirm the existence of this axle trough the orbit of planets.

In Gravity:

The Creators blow:
   All substance in the universe that is represented by all galaxies was concentrated in a place in shape of pure energy. Logical Deductions concluded that gravity has just appeared with the motion. Thus, due to all that energy that was concentrated where the Big Bang originated was without motion it did not have gravity. As it did not have gravity it also did have neither the materialization nor weight and consequently, it did not have volume and not even density, in other words, everything was just energy. Thus, we could explain how all substance of Universe fitted in this peculiarity. Finally, we can conclude that Big Bang happened as it was the Creators blow.
The secret of gravity:
   The gravity appeared with the motion of the quantum of energy that appeared from Big Bang.
Gravitational field:
   All bodies have a gravitational field that, to an observer on the referential of this field, it is composed of a sphere whose ray expands in the velocity of light since Big Bang and it also exerts a gravity force on any body in this field.
Deduction of the formula of gravity force:

 The gravity force between two bodies is exerted by lines of gravity that are composed of energetrons, which are the gravity force mediators. These lines increases with the velocity c in rectilinear trajectories that as soon as they arrive at a body they attract it in direction of their arrival.

 The gravity force can be expressed in relation to the distance L between two bodies or in relation to time t that an energetron of the line of gravity takes to go from its source to its destiny,
with velocity c.

 Thus, or

 When two bodies are stopped on the same referential, the Logical Gravity is identical to Newtons Gravity. However, when it exists a relative velocity v between them the direction of the gravity force is not the same as the axle between two bodies. That direction creates an angle a with this axle where:


Singularity of Gravity:
   The energetrons work in an analogue way to the photons. Thus, the gravity suffers the same illusory effects of light.
Influence that the velocity V of expansion of Universe exerts on gravity:  
   The emission velocity of energetrons which are seen by an observer on the referential of a body is
always c.

 This observer sees a gravitational field of this body in shape of a sphere. An observer in the absolute space who knows the velocity V of expansion in the universe of a body will know the influence of this velocity over the velocity of energetrons that will be changed to c2 where c2 = c + V.

 It makes to an observer in the absolute space sees a gravitational field of this body in shape of ellipsoid. This ellipsoid will be called gravitde, when it would be related to energetron.

In the Relativity:

The Relativity of Time:

 The relativity of time is the relation that the time that a photon takes to go from a source to a receiver when it exists a relative velocity between them or when they are both stopped, in other words, V = 0.

 This formula is identical to the Einsteins which means that his mathematic is right. When it is applied in the many experiences that were made by physicists its veracity is erroneously confirmed because the mistake is in the interpretations of the results of these experiments. It is well founded in the wrong postulate which reports that the velocity of photons is not influenced by the velocity of their sources.

 When I correctly interpreted the formula above, I demonstrated that it does not exist the absurd of :

 - time dilatation:
 - contraction of spaces;
 - fourth dimension;
 - dependence of mass in relation to velocity;

 The relativity is just a mathematic skill that deceives the physicists.

Relativity of Gravity:
   It is the value of the force of gravity between two bodies when it exists a relative velocity between them or when they are standing still. It is expressed by the formula:

 When v = 0, Fv = Fo.

 When vc, Fv = → .

 The Relativity of Gravity explains, in the creation of particles, how the gravity becomes a strong force that is responsible for the cohesion between them..

In the forces of Nature.

Centrifuge force:
It is a real force that appears in the curvilinear motions. It is one of the most important forces of nature because the Universe exists due to it.

- Combined with the strong force it is responsible for the internal equilibrium of particles.
- Combined with electric force it is responsible for the equilibrium of atoms.
- Combined with the gravity it is responsible for equilibrium between stars.

Strong Force:
   In the orbital motions between two particles, the gravity tends to infinite and it becomes the strong force that keep them joined.
Electric Force:
   It is the force that appears between two electrized bodies.

Magnetic Force:
  It appears when it occurs a motion of electric charge.

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